Best On Both Sides

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Carley’s bachelorette party is featuring a plethora of both male prostitutes and some strippers who’ve been entertaining the dudes by sticking the end of a lollipop in the guy’s teeth and slurping the shit out of the sucker. So in other words, they are simulating a nice suckjob.

That action is deaded when Carlos and Rondo walk into the room. They start muff diving all of the bachelorettes and putting whip cream and strawberries into their pussies and eating it out, much to the delight of the crowd.

Carlos starts flaunting his mammoth manslinger and Beverly, the horny bitch who nearly cheated on her husband ith Carley’s to-be bride (well, she’s cheated on her dorky husband many a times) starts slurping away at the spanish splurger’s cock. She’s deepthroating him while he’s finger-slamming Jenny and the scene heats up when Chris, one of Carley’s male friends, starts pulverizing the pussy of one of the strippers.

The sexpros are clearly dictating the tempo of this sex party and Veronica, another horny bachelorette, is filming Chris plowing of the stripper as Rondo starts eating her pussy out.

“YEAH, feed me that dick baby!” The stripper says as Chris slides it in there and starts pumping her, with one hand on her butt cheek and the other on her waste. “Fuck me, I love it. Gimme that dick baby, slam this fucking pussy!”

Then, when Chris lays her on the couch and starts fucking her in the ass with her head down on the couch, she has an odd request.

“I want you to cum on the birthday girl’s boots!” She screams, obviously referring to Carley while squirting away.

“Are you gonna cum baby, are you going to cum all over those fucking boots?”

Carley then cums into the picture and Chris pops it out of the professional fuck artists pussy and drops a large nut onto the soon-to-be-bride’s lavish boots.


3-for-1 Last Chance!

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So I got a call from a super-horny slut, in her 30s – the kind of girl who still goes out to party, but she’s more mature about it – and she says her friend is getting married. She wanted a raunchy event, a real cock-full party, I could tell, to test her friend – a kind of “last chance to get dicked”, to see if the girl is actually ready to get married. This girl was hoping her friend wasn’t.

So I called up two of my best employees – Dennis and Gabriel – and we set up a killer event. I mean, Dennis was getting a CFNM blowjob out the bat, spraying whip cream on his cock, while the bride-to-be’s badass bitches were salivating to slurp the sauce off his sausage. When they got ahold of me, they went nuts, they knew I liked it rough, with one girl kicking me to the wall and pinning me with her boot as she arched in with her hips. I go to kiss her boot but she slaps me and her friends hold my hands down, and they begin using me like a blowup doll, just doing whatever the hell they felt like. I’m not the submissive type, I’m dominant – but aggressive girls only make me more dominant, so I let her suck my dick until soon enough I was fucking her face and pulling closer the two friends who were trying to hold my arms in place. I tugged them down and soon I had a 3-way blowjob on course, as these girls tossed my cock back and forth between them like a game of Russian Roulette, just waiting to see who gets blasted in the face.

“This isn’t just for us – we want your dick rock solid so you can pipe Helen”, they said, gesturing toward the girl getting married tomorrow – and a couple minutes later, Gabe and I are at it. The cfnm blowjob got me pretty warmed up, and I’m sliding into her slippery slit soon enough, pulling out only to lick her ass and then go back to pounding her pussy. She starts talking dirty but Gabe grabs her and begins face-fucking her to shut her up, and its a total brofest as we’re splitting this slut infront of her friends.

When the other girls let go of Dennis, we decide to go real hardcore on this girl – and Gabe lays down so she can ride his dick. Dennis takes over the mouth and I begin licking and stretching out her ass before sliding in and her friends are all jaw-dropped by this crazy CFNM experience and their friend is going above and beyond mere fucking and is getting piped in every hole. When its time to cum, theres a sudden concern about a mess – this girl needs to be places soon – so I signal the guys and I bust a load in her ass, then encouraging her to keep that booty gapped so the guys can unload in their as well. Mouth clean, no babies either – she just has an extra tight clench on her booty until she can fix herself, haha!


Beach Bar Bangin

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Richard texted me, telling me the party I had set up was going nuts, that I needed to pass by the place they had rented over by the beach. It was a small, pub/bar style place with a sweet view of the beach and a pretty good looking all-wood atmosphere that was impressive once it was cleaned up. I discovered it a while back, and after seeing how early it closed I spoke to the managers about making it a small private-party club spot after hours – a lot of places did it – a way that they could earn a little extra money, and I’d have one more place to host parties, you know?

So when I get there I could hear the commotion from the parking lot, and I waltz in to spot a bunch of slutty bachelorettes in bunny outfits pulling the pretty bride-to-be to a chair. There were some psuedo-SM stylings to the whole thing, and it was hot, and in the corner I spotted Rondo stroking his dick waiting for the girls to pull her up. Once the bride was in place, he went for it, making out with her to stun her into compliance and then stroking his dick until she felt it between her tits. By the time he pulled off her mouth, she was heated, grabbing his dick and mouthing it, a cfnm blowjob for all to see. Soon enough she bends over the chair and he works his dick into her, really employing his tools, leaning against the wall and then lifting her off the floor, in such a way that everyone could see their friend face-first as she’s getting fucked, Rondo lifting her by her thighs. She’s going nuts and one of the girls takes out a sex toy and begins vibrating her clit while Rondo is hitting it from the back, and a third girl is recording the whole thing for the memories. Holy fucking shit these girls are wild. Meanwhile I can see my other guys starting to do their rounds, dancing naked and getting their dicks sucked while the bride is getting hammered on stage.

Yup – awesome party. I slid in, sit back and enjoy the show and begin chatting up the girls to see who else would like to throw a party with me. Fuck YEAH!!!


The Night Before

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After they spent so much trouble trying to think of something romantic, I swear I almost feel guilty. The bride-to-be was trying out her wedding dress and I had “accidentally” wandered in, because truth be told this might be my last chance. We were horny as fuck for each other when we were younger, but I never made my move because she was seeing some other dude. So I waited. But they never broke up – so now she was getting married soon and I had never even touched the girl? My jealousy knew no limits.

I had overheard her talking to her friends about her preparations, shaving and getting all sexy, lotion and powdered, real fucking perfect and I could tell this girl had real soft dick-sucking lips and if I had any chance of hitting it with her, I needed to do it before she disappeared on a honeymoon with this guy. Girl was in shape, she never missed the gym and I had read an article that said women are primed for sex after the gym – all those hormones and blood running – so when she planned to try on her dress after the gym and a quick shower, I knew that was my entry slot. Get her while she’s still fresh and warm and heated and I could seduce her.

Lo’ and behold – I had her top popped and was tonguing her clit down soon enough, before she stripped me to the bone and gave me a hot and heavy cfnm blowjob – there is nothing like head from a girl dressed like a bride! I wanted my cock inside her NOW, and sure enough she was riding the dick like a fucking cowgirl, letting me stretch those inner walls the way the waves on the beach just keep splashing themselves against the rocks, if you get my drift! She was a sport fuck! For years I had played it nice and safe, only to discover she had wanted me just as bad but thought I wasn’t interested – and such was her excitement, when I was going to cum she just took the load in her face so she could watch me let loose. Hot!


This is why I’ll never marry – at least not a young college slut! They can’t keep their mouths from giving cfnm blowjobs! Girls love to experiment, and that’s exactly what they’re doing before the get married.  There’s a reason the divorce rate is so high!

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They might be a great fuck when older – but no reason to tie yourself down to marry one, just fuck them!  Women act tame because it gives them power – we never see them coming – but in reality they’re more vicious, more wild than men!  And worse – they’re stupid (I mean seriously, don’t you realize the entire internet is going to see your face)?  Either way, enjoy the video.  And keep an eye on your daughters.


Hardcore Party Time

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I’m in the car when I get a call about a bachelorette party – some hot, accent-heavy slut tells me that the bachelorette loves dance music and they wanted to rent out a private club for the event.

So I get DJ Defjam and a couple of my best manwhores, Spencer and Steve. Shit gets popping from the get-go. The bride-to-be, Carolina, is dressed a little slutty, like the kind of girl that doesn’t want to admit she’s a whore but you can tell, and I know one of us is going to tap that tonight.

I can barely control my dick as these kinky bachelorettes start entertaining the crowd, paddling their backsides or slinging their man meat around for them to taste. Sure enough, one of the hot dames and another slut gets to her knees and starts salivating over Steve’s spicy sausage, slurping his salami cfnm style.

I go talk to the bride a bit and then ask how they’re enjoying the fuck-fest, when she flirts back that it’d be a lot more fun if she was the one with a tall tommy in her tight twat. Up to the challenge, I start tonguing her neck as this beautiful bride begins unbuckling my belt and proceeds with a soothing CFNM handjob. I’m hard as still as I pop into her warm mouth. Spencer is on another table, filling some sluts snatch while fingerbanging two others. Good man Spence, thataboy!

This super-head feels good as hell, butt naked fucking this face infront of the crowd. What would her man think? I’d brag that he’ll enjoy these fat lips around his manhood for the rest of his life – even if its the only pair he’s gonna get! Haha, not me. Suddenly – oh god, I’m gonna let one go! YEAH!

She slurps my semen and caresses my cock, and the party continues. I go for a cig and get ready for round too. Fantastic!


A Man She Cant Resist

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Some girls go nuts at their bachelorette parties, and some friends go nuts trying to get the girls to reconsider – and last Saturday had both situations going on.  At this bachelorette party, it seemed like this girl was getting married to a guy who maybe she kind of tolerated, but who physically wasn’t her type at all – and her friends didn’t want her to settle.  So when they asked for a dancer, they were very specific, which is why I sent in one of my buddies who fit that description.  Her friends wanted her to see what she’d be missing.

According to him, when the hardcore bachelorette party got going, he still had some clothing on and she couldn’t resist the temptation to go dance with him, knowing he was the entertainment.  Her friends were cheering and giving attention, and as they danced, he did his routine, getting more and more naked but she couldn’t stop dancing with him.

Other friends joined in, so by the time he dropped his trunks, the other girls were already feeling up on him and giving him a cfnm handjob, and seeing his dick get hard and firm, squeezed between her friends fingers – this drove the bachelorette nuts.  She stole him away, pushing him back on a couch and giving him a cfnm blowjob!  She feasted on that dick like it was the last chance she’d have at a guy like him.

The girls were cheering and sneaking a couple pictures, seeing their friend taste his cock but that was just the beginning.   My buddy then began stroking the back of her head and hair as she sucked him off, eventually pulling her in for a kiss – and sliding her on to his lap, so she could feel the bulge against her crotch.  Next thing you know, she turns about and sliders her pants down, and its a cfnm fuck fest as her friends are going “oh shit” and I begin seducing one of the other girls.

He was fingering her cunt as she mounted him, squeezing his massive manslinger into her tasty twat as I started getting a cfnm handjob from one of the other girls and proceeded to get my own show going.  Their bodies were slapping hard while I soon began face-fucking these sweeties, and soon enough the bachelorette is gyrating and squirming on his dick as you can see her explosive orgasm building up and she just lost it, cumming like nuts on camera.  When he knew she was done, since she was already facing away from him, he easily knelt her on the floor and jerked out a warm load on her exposed ass, then fingering her clit to make her shake the cum between her cheeks.  I fucking love this job.


CFNM Ladies Night

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We got hit up by Carol, a lady who wanted to set up a sort of bachelorette party and lady’s night, throwing two different events together – some sort of girls night out for the office, but with a little VIP for the bridal party who wanted some extra attention for the bride-to-be.  It sounded like a huge event, so I had Dennis and Nick come with me, no way I was going to risk going at it solo.  We helped them make the arrangements with a club we knew, and had a couple extra guys tossed in for good measure to play it safe.

And my god – about 30 of them for the office alone, with a little clique of 7 or so in the VIP, and I was glad we had 5 guys with us.  These girls went nuts early on, cfnm blowjobs from these hardcore party chicks that just wanted to be young and explore.  They even came up with games like ring-toss (toss rings on our dicks) and a limbo line (if they fall, they blew us) and the guys were basically blowing them away with our rock-hard shafts and these girls just were going nuts.  We felt like fucking Spartans against an army of Persian pussy, and these girls were mouthing our cock meat whole.   One girl sucked me off, with an iron grip, wanting me to fill her mouth with cum and so I eventually gave in and blew my load in my mouth – wooo!

This hardcore party was intense all around, Nick and Dennis were fucking some girls while their friends fondled and grouped the girls into one big sensation per table, and the other two – Gabe and Steve – were tending bar and getting their dicks wet with drunken bar games and the ladies.  Another girl sucked me back to stature, and I started piping her while finger-banging a second girl, I swear, I’ve never seen such a fun party as when you got all these girls going nuts.  CFNM everywhere!



Last night the club was rented out for one of the biggest bachelorette parties we’ve done.  There was about more than 60 horny babes in there and I knew our hands were going to be full all night.  With over 60 girls, I knew it was going hardcore bachelorette fast, lots of cfnm and if we were lucky – horny bride sex and blowjobs to boot.

With too many girls on the list, we didn’t want to keep the early pervs waiting, and started off light and easy to start building things up.  One dirty blond whore was the first to take advantage of me, immediately pulling over my cock and giving me a cfnm blowjob next to the bride!  I wasn’t even warmed up and yet there she was, tonguing my shaft like it was the last chunk of meat on earth.

She was wild, and wanted a fuckfest, so I pull aside her knickers and slid my shaft in her tight cunt, fucking her next to the future-bride.  Girls were cheering, and I realized what was happening – since not that many girls were there yet, these girls were even bolder from the “privacy”.  With just a few tight circles of friends, these whores cheered each other on, giving handjobs or cfnm blowjobs, some of them wanting to fuck as well with the other guys.

This girl then asked me “want to try my bottom?” and gave me this dirty look, like she liked being top-whore in front of her friends.  I managed to split her ass for a few inches before she turned red and it hurt – but on pulling out, the friend next to her decided to blow me in compensation!!!  The bride watched and behaved through the party, given so many guests but one of my boys banged the bitch in the back when things died down.  Meanwhile I just enjoyed the guests themselves, hot fuck action, piping all those ready and rosy cheeries.

There was a lot of moaning and slapping and grinding, and I can’t remember how many things I did to that dirty blond who first grabbed my cock when I started my show.  It was fun splitting her pretty little ass, and more fun to know that she can’t sit right for a couple days – but I rewarded her by letting her suck me dry, milking every drop from my dick. Ha!


The Bride Returns

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It’s not often that I get to do a repeat performance, but last weeks bachelorette turned bride was something else.   Apparently she had gone through it – but the asshole decided that they could just postpone the honeymoon, and instead of at least piping her he rushed off to an assignment.  “We’ll go next week when my vacation is scheduled” he told her, and all I can think if “idiot” as this dumb fuck did not know how to treat a girl.  So there she is in her wedding dress, having expected him to do the deed, and instead he’s off to handle an “emergency” for his boss and that’s when I get a call from my manager that there is an “emergency” client I need to attend.  Funny how things work out.

So I get there and she’s in the dress and I’m like “oh shit this is bad” but when I hear her story I barely have a chance to react because she starts tugging at my cock!  I’ve fucked the girls when they’re still technically single but its not often you get brides, and she’s giving me a cfnm blowjob and tugjob while I’m a little paranoid because I’m completely naked and this kind of exposure does pose a risk if I need to run out of there.

Eventually she quits with the tugging and tosses her dress aside – probably smart since I don’t need to leave any “evidence” on it – but instead of coming back to my rod, she bends over and takes out a toy for her ass.  Now this is an invitation!  I’m jerking it, looking at her as she does her thing, when she slides her pink dildo into her cute little asshole and then turns around facing me, motioning for me to lay down.  I can hear that thing vibrate in her bottom as she begins blowing me.

Soon enough when she’s ready to fuck, she climbs on me – facing me – and sits her tight little ass on my shaft as she guides her pink toy to her pussy’s pleasure palace and begins fucking me with her ass as she solos her front.  I couldn’t believe this bride sex, she was so aggressive about it, and I could feel the precum making jets into her ass and all I could think about was filling her up creampie style.

Then we heard someone outside the door – her husband had come back early – and I was like “oh shit”.  Greed took over though and I pulled her on to my dick one last time and blew a tremendous nut in her, before rolling off to the side and bolting for the window.  As her husband got off his cellphone and finally opened the door, I was already on the fire escape with my clothes and she was walking around naked and he seemed all excited but from my angle I could see as she clenched her ass to keep the cum inside.  He seemed convinced that she was just playing with herself, and as I got dressed I peeked in from the window – it was night time, so through the drapes, I could see the well-lit room but they couldn’t really see outside.  I saw them do their thing, and think he wanted to do anal as well but she acted like one of those conservative wives all shocked and offended at the idea.

Haha.  I made my way down the fire escape and resolved to stick to bachelorette parties – brides are fun, but man that was a close one.


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