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Heather’s LAST HOUR

posted by Fuck It

Heather had finally found a juicehead that she could trust, finally someone who didn’t get off on making her feel inferior.

So, just as she was ready to tie the knot, I sent little money over there to the bachelorette party, hoping he would get her tight little can filled one last time before she calls it quits tomorrow.

I knew the big dicked idiot had the wherewithal to dominate that tight little can and fill in the seams of that lovely pussy, one which I always witnessed when she was bikini-clad near the beach and that little shaved jizz-dumpster was ready to be invaded.

So, the party gets on and popping when Clarence and Lil Money head over there and start stripping to the bone, putting whip cream on their cocks and having the slew of sultry, horny bachelorettes lick it off.

They are copping cfnm dome jobs from Linda, one of the more chunky but big-titted of the bunch, and she’s doing her best human vaccum impression on little money, dangling his delicate balls with a fury.

Before we know it, Heather saunters into the room with her crown and gown and the boys are ready to go to work and fill that tight can.

Money starts burying his face in her little muff and much to her delight as she starts moaning up a storm and handling Clarence’s cock.

She then gives Clarence a sultry cfnm blowjob, spitting on his shaft and grabbing his balls and asking him to deliver her more shots to the mouth than a patient for a root canal.

He proceeds, fucking her tight little face as the slew of horny bachelorettes take in the scene and beg him not to stop.

That’s when Little Money gets a condom, straps it on and goes surfing in her wet slit. He is spreading her legs on and delivering big shots, winding up and then pulverizing the can as one last wistful reminder of what she’s going to be missing!



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KARA is only willing to give up the snatchbox if some black dick is entailed. I mean, she never has been with a white guy before, she has sucked a fair share of white cock and given construction workers cfnm blowjobs or given brain to cops to circumvent tickets, albeit she has never actually been fucked by a white guy.

So, during her bachelorette party I send Markieff and Money over there to start going to work on her tight little can and right away, she starts riding Markieff hard while Money gets a nice relaxing cfnm blowjob.

It makes for a fitting gangbang scene as suddenly, all the horny bachelorettes start attacking the two men and plucking their balls and sucking them from top to bottom while they go to work on the bride to be.

All of a sudden, Kara starts moisturizing her tight pussy while Markieff rails her standing up, a la baby boy position.

She announces that she needs to cum and all of her friends start egging Markieff on telling him to fuck her harder and to slide it deeper and deeper into her slippery snatch.

With that, she starts spraying all over the fucking ground and the scene gets out of hand!!!!!!!!



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Jamie is this sultry Puerto Rican chick who has a tat symbokizing each one of her boyfriends.

She hasn’t had great luck with the fellas, she’s had a few douchebags here and there and now she finally feels like settling down with Brian because he’s not like the rest.

That’s when I send Rondo and Mundo, two of my best cockboy strippers, to her Bachelor Party on Tuckahoe Road. It’s going to be a great fit for Jamie, who needs to get dicked one last time before she calls it quits and signs off of the game forever.

Rondo starts the action, depositing his tongue inside her tight little snatch and licking away. Mundo rips out his cock and demands she get a taste of the “Dynamic Dongus.”

She starts slurping away, telling him she loves the taste of his big fat cock and that’s when Rondo sticks his fingers in her pussy and asshole, carving up a hole in her little paper-thin dress.

Big Rondo then starts licking her slit and opening it up a little bit, before firing a big dose of dick inside that tight little can.

She likes it.

“Yeah, give me that fucking dick baby! I want you to fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Beat it up, split me in half!”

TALK about some horny bachelorettes.



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Dineen is this big-titted bitch with a sense for toting her hot little buddy and making us big-dicked idiots salivate like no other italian smokeshow broad can. I just want to stick my cock into that tight little can and start pumping.

So, on the night of her bachelorette party, I bring in pussy-pounding Mundo, who goes through more slippery slits than a claymation class and always brings the ruckus to any married woman.

So, it starts out with Mundo putting some whipped cream on his wangus and serving it up to all the girls to taste.

Kolleen jumps on dude’s long wanger, slurping him from his ballsack up as I watch and play with her ass cheeks. I then pop a whiole in her little cotton panties and insert my big dick inside her little snatch and it’s on, the cfnm fucking has started and I see Mundo know has multiple girls fighting over possession of his dong and splitting it.

“We’re definitely sharing this cock,” says Dineen, doming big money out to the point where it looks like she’s going to kill it.

She continues giving him a cfnm blowjob and taking more shots to the head than a Mike Tyson opponent in 1991 and that’s when I urge the horny bachelorette girls to get Mundo to fuck the snot out of the soon to be married broad.

They do, telling him “fuck this bitch, you know she wants you cokc so bad.”

With that, they start getting up in his face with their teeth clenched they direct his cock into her wet snatch.

He squirms his cock into her tight cunt and the party just got a hell of a lot better!!!


A Bulk Of The Work

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Kerri’s attempt at marriage is pretty much a joke to all her friends, who know of her consistent cheating and penchant for getting drilled in the office or getting fucked in the middle of the street. They know she has a strong sexual appetite and would love to get fucked silly by multiple guys at once.

So, on the day before she is slated to get married, I send Pepe over there to dominate her pussy before the service. Her friends, however, tell Pepe that they want to do a lot of the work themselves. Pepe, who has a permanent boner and would love for these lusty bachelorettes to stroke his cock with their pussies, has no problem with this.

He sits down in a chair as Rachel, the first bachelorette, rides him from the back as she screams in a pain/pleasure hybrid while he grabs her big tits. She’s bouncing off his dick in pure lust when all of a sudden Kerri rips his dick out of her cunt and starts sucking it down, treating the money-making male prostitute to a nice cfnm blowjob.

“Let me taste her fucking pussy!” She screams, downing his big dick that is sticking out of her cheek while two other horny bachelorettes pleasure his balls by licking them and swallowing them.

Suddenly, three horny bachelorettes shove him in the chair and take their turns riding his massive manslinger. They are immersed in the style of riding his dick and the titties bouncing seems to light a flame underneath Pepe.

He grabs one of the girls who is pleasantly riding his dick and screaming for him to “stuff my fucking cunt” and is fucking her standing up in baby boy position while she wraps her legs around him and hangs on for dear dick!!!!!!!!!!


donkey dance

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I’m in the office, yanking it to a hot halloween threesome when I get a call in regard to a bachelorette party. The hot, accent-having chick over the phone sounds real sexy and she tells me that the bachelorette loves dance music so I should plan on playing those brand of beats when I orchestrate this horny bachelorette jumpoff, which is slated for tomorrow night on Skiff St.

So, I get DJ Wonder and two of my best, money-making male prostitutes, Rondo and Mundo. We get the shit popping from the get-go. The bride to be, Jacinda, is dressed in a mickey mouse outfit that flaunts her smashing fucking tits and her little bubbly ass that I know one of us is going to end up dominating tonight.

I can hardly contain my tall tommy as the hardcore bachelorettes start getting whacked in the ass by Rondo and Mundo, who are hitting them with paddles until their asses turn purple. Scorching. Sure enough, one of the hot mamis and another bachelorette fall to their knees and start sucking away at mundo, slurping his salami in extreme cfnm fashion.

I go over to the bride to be and her bachelorette friend to see how they’re enjoying the fuck-frenzy, dick-dominating theatrics. The bride tells me it would be a lot more fun if she had a cock injected into her tight twat.

I know I have to take this challenge, so I start jumping on her, sucking her neck as the beautiful bride undoes my belt buckle and starts giving me a soothing CFNM handjob. She’s got this ultra-strong grip and I’m harder than a piece of steel as I pop my cock into her warm mouth. Rondo is on the other side of the room, filling up some girl’s snatch while fending off two others with some of the paddles I gave him. Good job Rondo, thattaboy.

The brainjob feels good as hell, and I’m buttass naked fucking this girl’s face before the crowd.

I wonder what her husband would think of me? I should talk to this cat tomorrow and tell him about he’s going to enjoy these fat lips around his slinger for the rest of his life, even if it is the only set he gets to enjoy. Oh my GOD….I’m gonna let one fly…AHHHH!!!!!

She slurps up my spunk and kisses my cock, and the party ensues. I need a cigarette. THat was fucking fantastic!


Cock sucking bride

posted by Unmarried


Talk about a last minute bachelorette party!  I did one last night that was literally hours before the wedding.  The bachelorette was so busy planning for the wedding that she forgot all about the party.  She told me that she didn’t want to get married with tasting the cock of a male stripper and getting some hot bride sex from me.  I found it a bit awkward actually but the good thing was it was strictly one on one, just me and the horny bachelorette and bride to be.

So I got to their place and everyone was all dressed up and ready to go.  One of the ladies escorted me to the bachelorette’s room.  The bachelorette was ready and waiting so I didn’t waste my time and started dancing and getting naked in front of her.

She told me to cut the formalities then she grabbed my cock and gave me a wild cfnm blowjob.  Damn! That hardcore bachelorette was really rushing because I have never seen anyone give a cfnm blowjob as fast as she can.  I mean she was like a well oiled machine bopping up and down my cock.  But despite the rush blowjob, she was doing a pretty good job of sucking me, I was enjoying it.

Without even touching her dress, she pulled down her panties, got on a table, spread her legs wide open and invited my cock in her shaved pussy for some wild bride sex!  I was giving her a bachelorette fuck so hard that she was going to feel my cock on her honeymoon.  She told me to pound her faster in between her horny moans.

She got down on all fours and I was fucking her doggy style while slapping her soft round ass!  She kept on screaming that she was going to cum, then she finally gave out a loud moan and her body started shivering.  I wasn’t far behind, after a couple more thrusts to her dripping bachelorette pussy, I gave her a huge jizz bomb right on her ass!


Bachelorette costume party

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In anticipation of the coming Halloween festivities I had a bachelorette costume party last night, and I was going as, naturally a stripper.  The party was something like a college party, except there was no other guy except for myself and tons of hot chicks in sexy cock teasing costumes.  Some of them were in french maid outfits, others came as fairytale characters while others just made up their own sexy outfits.

The bachelorette was in a wedding outfit and man was she hot, I couldn’t wait for her to give me a cfnm blowjob.  The ladies didn’t even give me time to prepare, as soon as I arrived at the bachelorette party, they started ganging up on me and was tearing my clothes off!

The cfnm action came early and those chick were giving me cfnm blowjobs left and right!  Their hot costumes only made the ladies a whole lot cuter which made me a whole lot hornier!  I wasn’t content with just cfnm blowjobs and I was looking for hot cfnm sex and the only person who can give me that was the hardcore bachelorette!

So there she was in her french maid outfit and she was perfect for some wild bride sex!  She went down and gave me a cfnm blowjob for starters, but since my cock was already rock solid she didn’t have to do too much sucking.  I fiddled her pussy till she was good and wet, and once her snatch was dripping with her sweet pussy juice I slipped my cock in and gave her some rough bride sex!

She was screaming for more and she told me she couldn’t get enough of it.  So I fucked her harder until she was squealing like a pig.  Hes pussy was getting wetter by the second and I think she even came a couple of times.  I pulled out my cock and told her I was about to cum.  She knelt down and caught all my cum in her mouth.


Gangbang bachelorette party

posted by Unmarried

I was wondering just how big of a bachelorette party we were going to if me including four other strippers were told to do.  It must be some big ass bachelorette party with a hardcore bachelorette as the fucking host.  When we got to the party I was surprised to see that it wasn’t that big at all, in fact I could’ve done that bachelorette party myself.  So I was still in the dark why the other guys were told to come with me.

So when the party finally started, the bachelorette told us to gather around her.  I think I knew where this was going.  She told us to get naked and once we were she started giving all of us a cfnm blowjob.  That horny slut was looking for a gangbang fuck before tying the knot.

Well, she was going to have a hardcore bachelorette party she will never forget because our cocks will definitely rip her pussy to shreds!  She was going from cock to cock and she was sucking us like it was her last day on earth.  Well, she won’t be getting our kind of cocks once she gets married so I know she’s indulging herself.

Then she gets naked and tells us to give her some bride sex gangbang.  So I shove my cock in her wet pussy while she was sucking one cock and tugging on another two.  Her friends were watching and cheering and the hardcore bachelorette was getting her fill of hard cocks.  We were all taking turns screwing her, fucking her in the mouth and getting a handjob from her.  Damn! she is one wild slut, I almost feel sorry for the bastard she’s going to marry.

We were gorging our male stripper cock on her pussy and we were drilling her hard.  We wanted to leave her horny pussy sore and aching.  We gave her  a rough bachelorette fuck and to make the party complete, we all fame on her face at the same time.



Cum drenched bachelorette

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I was with Sammy last night because the host told me that it was a rather large bachelorette party with around 30 people.  I wanted to take a break last night, but no one was willing to do it aside from Sammy.  So I was forced to go with Sammy and we headed on to the party which was about an hours drive from here.  I wasn’t really in the mood to do it, I wanted to get it over with and go home.  Sammy on the other hand was pretty excited.  He hasn’t done a bachelorette party that big before so I can understand his excitement.

When we got to the bachelorette party Sammy couldn’t contain his excitement.  I spotted a couple of hot and sexy chicks in the crowd and I thought to myself that maybe the party wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be.  Actually the party was really great, I guess I was just too lazy to do it that’s all.

Sammy and I didn’t waste our times getting the action heated up at the bachelorette party!  Sammy was just ecstatic and was going wild getting a lot of cfnm blowjobs from the female guests.  I was just taking it easy, doing what I would usually do at a bachelorette party!

I went straight for the bachelorette and that horny slut gave me a cfnm blowjob right away!  She was making me hard with her amazing cfnm blowjob but it seems like she wasn’t content with it and called Sammy as well.  She was giving both of us a cfnm blowjob while her guest and friends were rooting for her and telling us to cum on her face at the same time.  Well they were about to get their wish because I was about to explode and Sammy told me that he was cumming as well.  So we blew at the same time and left that hardcore bachelorette drenched with our hot cum!


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