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Cock sucking bride

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Talk about a last minute bachelorette party!  I did one last night that was literally hours before the wedding.  The bachelorette was so busy planning for the wedding that she forgot all about the party.  She told me that she didn’t want to get married with tasting the cock of a male stripper and getting some hot bride sex from me.  I found it a bit awkward actually but the good thing was it was strictly one on one, just me and the horny bachelorette and bride to be.

So I got to their place and everyone was all dressed up and ready to go.  One of the ladies escorted me to the bachelorette’s room.  The bachelorette was ready and waiting so I didn’t waste my time and started dancing and getting naked in front of her.

She told me to cut the formalities then she grabbed my cock and gave me a wild cfnm blowjob.  Damn! That hardcore bachelorette was really rushing because I have never seen anyone give a cfnm blowjob as fast as she can.  I mean she was like a well oiled machine bopping up and down my cock.  But despite the rush blowjob, she was doing a pretty good job of sucking me, I was enjoying it.

Without even touching her dress, she pulled down her panties, got on a table, spread her legs wide open and invited my cock in her shaved pussy for some wild bride sex!  I was giving her a bachelorette fuck so hard that she was going to feel my cock on her honeymoon.  She told me to pound her faster in between her horny moans.

She got down on all fours and I was fucking her doggy style while slapping her soft round ass!  She kept on screaming that she was going to cum, then she finally gave out a loud moan and her body started shivering.  I wasn’t far behind, after a couple more thrusts to her dripping bachelorette pussy, I gave her a huge jizz bomb right on her ass!


Bachelorette costume party

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In anticipation of the coming Halloween festivities I had a bachelorette costume party last night, and I was going as, naturally a stripper.  The party was something like a college party, except there was no other guy except for myself and tons of hot chicks in sexy cock teasing costumes.  Some of them were in french maid outfits, others came as fairytale characters while others just made up their own sexy outfits.

The bachelorette was in a wedding outfit and man was she hot, I couldn’t wait for her to give me a cfnm blowjob.  The ladies didn’t even give me time to prepare, as soon as I arrived at the bachelorette party, they started ganging up on me and was tearing my clothes off!

The cfnm action came early and those chick were giving me cfnm blowjobs left and right!  Their hot costumes only made the ladies a whole lot cuter which made me a whole lot hornier!  I wasn’t content with just cfnm blowjobs and I was looking for hot cfnm sex and the only person who can give me that was the hardcore bachelorette!

So there she was in her french maid outfit and she was perfect for some wild bride sex!  She went down and gave me a cfnm blowjob for starters, but since my cock was already rock solid she didn’t have to do too much sucking.  I fiddled her pussy till she was good and wet, and once her snatch was dripping with her sweet pussy juice I slipped my cock in and gave her some rough bride sex!

She was screaming for more and she told me she couldn’t get enough of it.  So I fucked her harder until she was squealing like a pig.  Hes pussy was getting wetter by the second and I think she even came a couple of times.  I pulled out my cock and told her I was about to cum.  She knelt down and caught all my cum in her mouth.


Gangbang bachelorette party

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I was wondering just how big of a bachelorette party we were going to if me including four other strippers were told to do.  It must be some big ass bachelorette party with a hardcore bachelorette as the fucking host.  When we got to the party I was surprised to see that it wasn’t that big at all, in fact I could’ve done that bachelorette party myself.  So I was still in the dark why the other guys were told to come with me.

So when the party finally started, the bachelorette told us to gather around her.  I think I knew where this was going.  She told us to get naked and once we were she started giving all of us a cfnm blowjob.  That horny slut was looking for a gangbang fuck before tying the knot.

Well, she was going to have a hardcore bachelorette party she will never forget because our cocks will definitely rip her pussy to shreds!  She was going from cock to cock and she was sucking us like it was her last day on earth.  Well, she won’t be getting our kind of cocks once she gets married so I know she’s indulging herself.

Then she gets naked and tells us to give her some bride sex gangbang.  So I shove my cock in her wet pussy while she was sucking one cock and tugging on another two.  Her friends were watching and cheering and the hardcore bachelorette was getting her fill of hard cocks.  We were all taking turns screwing her, fucking her in the mouth and getting a handjob from her.  Damn! she is one wild slut, I almost feel sorry for the bastard she’s going to marry.

We were gorging our male stripper cock on her pussy and we were drilling her hard.  We wanted to leave her horny pussy sore and aching.  We gave her  a rough bachelorette fuck and to make the party complete, we all fame on her face at the same time.



Cum drenched bachelorette

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I was with Sammy last night because the host told me that it was a rather large bachelorette party with around 30 people.  I wanted to take a break last night, but no one was willing to do it aside from Sammy.  So I was forced to go with Sammy and we headed on to the party which was about an hours drive from here.  I wasn’t really in the mood to do it, I wanted to get it over with and go home.  Sammy on the other hand was pretty excited.  He hasn’t done a bachelorette party that big before so I can understand his excitement.

When we got to the bachelorette party Sammy couldn’t contain his excitement.  I spotted a couple of hot and sexy chicks in the crowd and I thought to myself that maybe the party wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be.  Actually the party was really great, I guess I was just too lazy to do it that’s all.

Sammy and I didn’t waste our times getting the action heated up at the bachelorette party!  Sammy was just ecstatic and was going wild getting a lot of cfnm blowjobs from the female guests.  I was just taking it easy, doing what I would usually do at a bachelorette party!

I went straight for the bachelorette and that horny slut gave me a cfnm blowjob right away!  She was making me hard with her amazing cfnm blowjob but it seems like she wasn’t content with it and called Sammy as well.  She was giving both of us a cfnm blowjob while her guest and friends were rooting for her and telling us to cum on her face at the same time.  Well they were about to get their wish because I was about to explode and Sammy told me that he was cumming as well.  So we blew at the same time and left that hardcore bachelorette drenched with our hot cum!


Bachelorette in a fishnet

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Some bachelorettes can get really kinky at their bachelorette parties and last Saturday wasn’t an exception.  Most of the bachelorettes that I’ve seen were pretty normal when it comes to dressing up, but this one was different, the hardcore bachelorette was wearing of all things a full body fishnet, and damn did she look hot and sexy in it!  I guess she just wanted to be a bit different because all of her guests were dressed normally.

When the hardcore bachelorette party started, she got up with me and danced with me on the stage.  Her friends were all cheering her on and she loved all the attention that she was getting!  She quickly gave me a cfnm blowjob which got me hard in no time!  After sucking my cock good, her friends feasted on me as well!

Every lady in the house was getting a taste of my cock, and that was just the beginning!  The horny bachelorette has something wild in store for me, and that’s a sizzling bachelorette fuck right in front of her friends!  So we hit center stage with the bachelorette mouthing my cock once again, and once again my rod was as stiff as a metal pipe.

She was fiddling her pussy to make sure that it was good and wet before wrapping it around my cock.  Her fucking pussy was so damn wet that she had no problem getting my massive man slinger into her dripping twat.  She started riding me hard and her friends were all screaming and egging her on to fuck me even harder!  And she did just that!  Our bodies were slapping so hard that you can hear us fucking from outside the house.  She was gyrating and wiggling all over me and when I felt a massive explosion heading my way, I pulled out my cock and gave her a huge, hot facial!


We got a call from Sandra who wanted a lady’s night plus bachelorette party in one.  Since it was going to be a big party I had Trent and Vince come with me, I wouldn’t be able to handle it alone.  All those horny chicks plus the bachelorette would be too much for my cock and I’ll be worn out even before the night was over.  They rented out a club to give it the real male strip club feel.

There was about 30 of them at the party and it made pretty good sense that I bought the other two guys with me.  The bachelorette party was off to an early start and everyone was going wild!  The cfnm came early and me and the guys were getting shitloads of cfnm blowjobs from the hardcore bachelorette and the horny ladies!

Trent was blowing them away with his massive man slingger and the girls were going wild and fighting for a piece of his cock.  I was busy entertaining the bachelorette as she was mouthing down my cock and eating my meat whole.  She told me that she wanted me to fill her mouth with cum so the bachelorette sucking me till I blew my load in her mouth.

The rest of the hardcore bachelorette party was pretty intense as well, Trent and Vince were already fucking some of the ladies and there was still a long line waiting.  Speaking of fucking, the bachelorette wanted some bride sex as well so we got down at the center of the bar and I got myself a hot bachelorette fuck!  Our bodies were slapping like crazy and she was squealing like a pig!  She told me to give her a facial and just when I was about to explode I dumped it all on her hardcore bachelorette face!



Big ass bachelorette party

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The club was rented out last night for one of the biggest bachelorette parties I’ve done.  There was about more than 50 horny chicks at the party and I knew we were going to have our hands full that night.  With more than 50 chicks I knew it was going to be a hardcore bachelorette party and there were going to be a lot of cfnm and horny bride sex before the night is over.

We didn’t want to keep the ladies waiting and started the bachelorette party as soon as everyone was there.  The hardcore bachelorette was the first one to take full advantage of me and the rest of the male strippers.  She immediately went down on my cock and gave me a cfnm blowjob.  I wasn’t even getting warmed up yet and there she was mouthing my cock like it was the last piece of meat on the planet.

She was asking for some bachelorette fuck, so I pulled down her pants and shoved my cock in her tight pussy and fucked her hard while her friends were either watching and cheering the bachelorette on or are also too busy with the other male strippers.  I was pumping her hardcore bachelorette hard on the main stage, and I could see that some of her friends were also getting some meat into their pussies.

After shooting a huge jizz bomb on the bachelorette’s face I found myself giving cfnm sex to another slut.  Aside from the bride sex I was also banging the guests as well!  It was one of the wildest bachelorette parties I’ve ever done!  Those chicks were didn’t just settle for a simple blowjob, they wanted some hot fuck action and we were busy the entire night popping all those horny cherries.

There was a lot of moaning and body slapping going on and I can’t even remember how many times I fucked that horny bachelorette.  Me and the guys made sure the she had a night to remember, and she rewarded us by sucking us dry an milking every last drop from our cocks.


Soapy bachelorette party

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Nothing could prepare me for last night’s bachelorette party. I’ve seen my share of wild bachelorette parties but last night was a first for me. It started out like most of the bachelorette parties I’ve done, dancing with a lot of cfnm action. But the hardcore bachelorette wanted to add some spunk into the party. She took out a bucket full of soapy water, handed it over to me and told me to walk around and give the ladies and nice sponge bath. Now that was a very good idea, I wonder why I never came up with something like that.

So I started going around and all the ladies were getting naked and were anxious to get a sponge bath from me. It was something and something hot because I loved running my hands on all those naked bodies, fondling tits and tickling pussies. I was getting horny doing it and while I was giving them a sponge bath they were busy tugging at my cock!

Now it was the hardcore bachelorette’s turn. I was about to give me a sponge bath when she told me to lie on the floor. I did so and she took off all her clothes, and her sexy body is the type that most guys would want to fuck and I couldn’t wait for what she was about to do. She took the sponge and gave me a sponge bath.

We got into the 69 position and she started working on my cock while she told me to go snack on her delicious pussy! That horny bachelorette was really kinky and I loved the way she was stroking my cock. I was so hard that my cock was already aching! She climbed on top of me and gave me one hot bachelorette fuck.

The soap was acting like a lubricant and although it was stinging a little bit her pussy was making me feel so very good. That was one bride sex I wasn’t going to forget because I wanted to fuck her all night long! I pulled out my cock and blasted a load of jizz on her tits. And just before the party ended I asked her for seconds, and she asked me her place or mine.



Taking a break

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No bachelorette parties for me last night.  It’s been a wild weekend so far and I need to take a break.  Those crazy ass bachelorettes never fail to make my job interesting, and although I love all the cfnm action and all the pussy that they gave me, I still need to let me cock rest, how else can I continue to make them happy and give all of them a nice piece of meat for those hardcore bachelorette parties!

I do love my job, that’s why I make sure to take good care of myself.  There are still a lot of bachelorettes out there and I want all of them to experience just how good I could throw a hardcore bachelorette party.  It’s not as easy as most people think it is and that’s why we need to take a break every now and then.

So for the meantime, I’ll just leave you with a hot cfnm video that my friend sent me where some wild bachelorette goes down hard on a male stripper cock.  It’s just to show you how we really do things at all those wild bachelorette parties.  Those wild chicks will do anything just to get a male stripper cock in their mouths and in their pussies!


Her 3rd bachelorette party

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Anne was an old client from before, I did two of her bachelorette parties and I was surprise to get a call from her again asking me to do I 3rd bachelorette party for her.  I couldn’t believe that horny slut!  She was getting hitched almost every month!  Anyway she’s a good fuck and I didn’t want to let her down either because she always paid me well in the past.  This time she hooked herself with a wealthy land owner with properties all over the state, but that’s not really my concern, what’s important to me is to make sure she has fun on her bachelorette party.

She pretty much knew what my routine was going to be, so after I went around pleasing her friends and her guests, she called me to her room and started giving me a cfnm blowjob.  While the party was continuing outside, the hardcore bachelorette was gorging herself on my cock, and I always loved the way she gives me a cfnm blowjob.  She hands me down another great blowjob before I reach in her shirt and start squeezing her enormous tits!

She was so fucking horny that she takes all her clothes off and starts fiddling her pussy in front of me.  She asked me if I missed fucking her horny pussy.  I told her that she was one of the best pussies I’ve had.  That horny bachelorette  told me to stop talking and start fucking!  Her pussy was just as good as it was and I was thinking the reason why she doesn’t stay long with her man is because they can’t satisfy her enough.

She was moaning like crazy while I was mashing her horny pussy and she was begging for more!  She told me that nobody fucks her like I do, and she just loves how my cock just rips her snatch!  I was burying my rod deep in her muff and I loved how she would gyrate and wiggle every time I did.  I felt like exploding, pulled out my cock and dumped all my load on her lovely tits.  She told me I was still the best, and I told her that  I was looking forward to her next bachelorette party.


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